Slow Bike, Veneto by bike

Slow Bike, Veneto by bike

Padua & Euganean Hills

Enjoy Padua and the Euganean Hills by bike! 

Discover our Accomodations among B&B, Farmhouse, Apartments & Historic Houses and live your Stay in Veneto!

Stay in Padua!
Cycling into town along its ancient waterways is the best way to get to Padua, while the best access to the historic centre are the monumental gates of the Renaissance walls.

Fol- lowing these routes, you will avoid the most traffic and you will have a pre- cious chance to catch the true spirit of this ancient town which was founded over 3,000 years ago on the banks of the River Medoacus (today named Brenta) by the ancient Veneti people.

After getting to the town centre, it is not necessary to follow a specific way: all the streets, in fact, lead to the very heart of the old town, which is characterized by a complex system of squares surrounded by elegant and historic buildings, porticoes and im- pressive monuments. The high towers of the medieval palaces stand out majestically, as well as the bell towers and the domes of the churches which keep the relics of famous Saints, such as St. Anthony and St. Luke. Don’t miss splendid art masterpieces such as the world-famous Scrovegni Chapel by Giotto.

Discover our Cultural Itinerary in Padua, Unesco Heritage!!


Stay in Euganean  Hills!

Veneto is mostly a hilly territory. Veneto is in fact a land of cyclists and wherever you choose to go pedal you're likely to cross paths with many two-wheel aficionados. The best months for cycling or touring Veneto on bike are from March to June and from September to October.

Below we offer a few road bike itineraries. A few are quite long and challengings, most are rides suitable for everyone.

  • Arquà Petrarca from Tramonte
  • Catajo Castle Battaglia Terme and Monselice
  • Praglia Abbey and Valsanzibio

Don't hesitate book your accomodation and live a unique experience in Euganean Hills and Padua!


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